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Hauppauge telecom company tells of its work in Afghanistan

Back in 2003, Globecomm Systems Inc. of Hauppauge won a contract to create a telephone and Internet backbone for the Afghan government in the midst of a war.

Now, looking back at their accomplishments in Afghanistan, company officials in a recent trade magazine article said it was a tough challenge but worth it.

“…There may have been days when company executives wondered if winning the bid was such a great idea,” Dwight Hunsicker, a Globecomm vice president, wrote in a May issue of Internet Telephony magazine.

At first the contract called for Globecomm to perform the (relatively) simple task of creating telephone and data links among 42 government offices in Kabul and satellite links to the 34 provincial capitals.

Then, suddenly, Globecomm was called on to provide the same service for the Afghan public, in a nation of few roads, little electricity, and security risks.

“We have had to unload trucks in the middle of nowhere, hand-carry electronics across a stream, then get the truck across and reload it,” a Globecomm executive says.

David Hershberg, chairman and chief executive, says: “We’re helping newly-elected legislators and cabinet members understand what it takes to legislate and govern. Our network provides videoconferencing among provincial officials so they can learn from each other and work together….”

He adds, “The people of Afghanistan are thirsting for improvement in the quality of their lives. Our work is helping to meet that need.” 


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