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Henry Schein — the cat, not the company — is up for adoption

Henry Schein, the cat, was rescued in St.

Henry Schein, the cat, was rescued in St. Louis after becoming entangled in a medical tape dispenser ring sold by the Long Island company of the same name. Credit: Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Henry Schein, a rescued St. Louis cat that got stuck in a plastic ring made by Henry Schein Inc., is getting a care package courtesy of that Long Island company.

The feral cat was named Henry Schein by rescuers after they noticed the brand of the medical tape dispenser ring that entangled the cat.

Henry Schein Inc., the Melville-based distributor of dental, medical and veterinary products, said on Thursday that it would send treats, flea medication and other products to the cat’s current foster home and future adoptive home.

The gray and white cat, now up for adoption, was found on 66th Street in St. Louis in mid-October, Natalie Thomson, marketing manager at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, a no-kill animal shelter, said Tuesday. He had no tag or microchip to trace any previous owners.

Thomson said the ring, which is used to hold medical tape, became embedded in the cat’s neck and “was full of maggots.”

“He is a playful cat, so we can only assume he tried to play with it [the ring], but got his head and one arm stuck through and couldn’t get back out,” she said.

Once the cat was rescued, the ring was removed, the wound cleaned “and now he is a happy, playful kitty looking for his forever home,” Thomson said.

For now, Henry Schein the cat, estimated to be six months old, is in a foster home, living with a pit bull, she said. “They’re best of friends.”

An official at Henry Schein Inc., Long Island’s largest public company by revenue, said Stray Rescue of St. Louis is a customer.

“We are proud to support Stray Rescue of St. Louis and its staff, and even more so to share a name with such a brave and resilient young cat,” Peter McCarthy, president of the company’s global animal health group, said in a statement Wednesday.

The company said Thursday it is sending the cat’s foster family ParaDefense flea medication and a case of Lean Treats. His adoptive family will get the flea medication, Lean Treats, feline toothpaste and a toothbrush, a PetSafe “Egg-Cersizer” toy, a Furminator brush, and two stainless steel bowls.

The company said it also will pay Henry Schein’s adoption fee and send Stray Rescue of St. Louis a case of Lean Treats for cats awaiting adoption.

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