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Good Evening

Highlights from Newsday's jobs online chat

Here are some Q&As from Monday's online chat with Newsday's Patricia Kitchen. Tune in Friday at noon for another chat.

I have applied through the Internet with no luck:, I need a campaign that will get me face to face. I was in the financial world, now I am looking for any job. - Rich

You are so right. Online job boards are great in many ways. But the real way to get jobs, especially in this economy, is by personal contacts. You can contact alumni, former colleagues, get out there and meet people at face-to-face networking events (though they can be pricey).

However, you say you're looking for any job, and I can sure understand that. But that's not the kind of thing you would want to say to employers or networking contacts. They won't know what to do with you.

I am looking for a job in finance and real estate within New York City . . . I wonder if it is worth going for the master's degree, despite trying to find a job? - BJ

Hmmm. I'm wondering if you have a real reason for getting that master's - apart from avoiding this tricky job market. If you do have a real direction and had been thinking about grad school anyway, this could be a great time to go for it. Otherwise, it's putting you in a pricey holding pattern, with no real flight plan.

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