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Northwell Health podcast to follow Hofstra med students

Hofstra / Northwell students, from left, Bryce Ingram,

Hofstra / Northwell students, from left, Bryce Ingram, Tamara Movsesova, Samuel Butensky, Dillon Gurciullo and Nathan Murray receive instruction from Dr. William Rennie, an associate professor of emergency medicine in the school's structure lab. Credit: Northwell Health

Northwell Health has launched its second podcast this year.

The latest endeavor focuses on first-year medical students at the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.

The podcast, “Making an MD: Year One,” gives listeners insight into the challenges of a medical education, as well as the ways in which that education is changing to suit the sensibilities of patients and their families.

The podcast’s initial run will consist of 10 episodes — three of which are already available for download on iTunes — each up to 15 minutes long. It was produced and narrated by National Public Radio veteran Julie Subrin, and will follow members of this year’s incoming class.

“When I attended medical school, more years ago now than I care to admit, we were told to sit down, be quiet and memorize our textbook,” Dr. Lawrence G. Smith, the school’s founding dean and physician-in-chief at Northwell Health, said in a statement. “Today, thankfully, we’re much more focused on training doctors who can provide patients not only with excellent care but also with a genuine feeling that they’re being heard. And there’s no better way to show this shift than to let people in on what goes on in our classrooms.”

New Hyde Park-based Northwell also launched “Health Story” in May. That podcast, which focuses on innovation and health trends through the perspective of patients, is hosted by David North, a Long Island radio veteran.

Separately, Northwell also supported a fellowship program established by the The GroundTruth Project, which trains and supports young journalists worldwide. The project Northwell supported was a podcast focused on the opioid crisis. The health system also made its experts available for the five-part series.

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