Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. You’re excited to get everyone over for the food and foolishness that goes with football. The trick is how to do so without fumbling financially and have a party everyone is still talking about come baseball season.

  • Set a limit

Make a budget. Determine how many people you can invite and what to serve. Consider doing potluck, appetizers only or BYOB.

  • Be creative

Disguise your frugality. Have a competition. Guests make their favorite dish, and everyone votes on a winner who gets bragging rights and an inexpensive prize.

  • Shop smart

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Go to Costco and BJ’s for food, and discount beer and liquor warehouses. “Think kegs like in college,” says Cary Carbonaro, a certified financial planner in Huntington. Instead of a full bar, make a Broncos- and a Panthers-themed cocktail.

  • DIY decorations

Forget displaying expensive official NFL jerseys. Hit the dollar store. Decorate in team colors with balloons, ribbons, paper plates and napkins, says spending expert Andrea Woroch, of Bakersfield, California.

  • Borrow extra chairs and tables instead of renting or buying

Truth is, you’ll have fun regardless. The only mess you want to clean up after the party is cups and plates.