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HUD official in Woodbury

The region’s new federal housing director, Adolfo Carrion

The region’s new federal housing director, Adolfo Carrion Credit: Ellen Yan

If you haven’t heard of the “Bost-Wash” region, the region’s new federal housing director, Adolfo Carrión, thinks it’s something to remember.
Today at the Long Island Housing Partnership’s annual luncheon in Woodbury, Carrión said business and housing initiatives should be made on a big scale - “large urban regions, mega regions even.”
That means a big picture look at projects and funding for the Boston to Washington region, which would cover Long Island and New York City, Carrion, the regional director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, told hundreds of housing, nonprofit and financial sector attendees.
Carrión said communities are increasingly interconnected and interdependent – take the BP oil spill, he says – and what one community does might well affect another one.
“We are the laboratory for the American experience,” he said.
It was Carrión’s first public appearance on Long Island as HUD’s new director for the New York and New Jersey region. He’s a former New York City councilman and ex-Bronx borough president.
After the luncheon, Carrión cited transportation dollars as one type of funding that should be granted after a look at the mega region’s needs, from small businesses to schools.
He’s pushing high-speed rail in the Bost-Wash region and more transit options for Long Island.
“It still takes too long to get between cities,” Carrión said.
Also at the luncheon, the Long Island Housing Partnership honored Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri Jr. for revitalizing his downtown, from helping to make the community more walkable to bringing in new housing and businesses.

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