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IntraLogic Solutions gets $39,000 more in tax breaks from Nassau IDA

IntraLogic, a video surveillance business that installs cameras

IntraLogic, a video surveillance business that installs cameras such as this one in Bellport, has been awarded $39,000 more in tax breaks from the Nassau IDA. Credit: James Carbone

The Nassau County Industrial Development Agency has added $39,000 in tax breaks to a 2013 incentive package for IntraLogic Solutions Inc.

The IDA this week approved an increased sales tax exemption to a total of $84,000 for IntraLogic, a video surveillance business that helps to secure local schools and parks. The company requested the larger exemption because the cost of construction materials and other supplies has increased since it first sought IDA assistance.

IntraLogic is moving from one Massapequa building to another in an expansion project now valued at $5.7 million; it was originally $3 million.

In 2013, when the company first sought Nassau’s help, it said it would add 13 jobs to its payroll of 32 over 15 years. Chief executive Lee Mandel said Thursday he has close to 60 workers now.

“We hope to be in the new building by the end of the year,” he said.

IDA executive director Joseph J. Kearney said IntraLogic’s project, located at 511 Ocean Ave., had experienced unexpected delays that had increased costs.

He also said there would be no change in the other tax breaks: $25,000 off the mortgage recording tax and a 15-year arrangement that freezes property taxes for 10 years followed by 2 percent increases in each of the following five years.

“Construction is beginning now after being delayed,” Kearney said on Tuesday night.

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