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Good Morning

It's official: Arrow is now a Colorado company

Arrow Electronics at 50 Marcus Dr. in Melville.

Arrow Electronics at 50 Marcus Dr. in Melville. (June 3, 2004) Credit: Newsday, 2004 / Michael E. Ach

The headquarters of Long Island's largest company is gone.

As of Tuesday, Arrow Electronics Inc. is a Colorado corporation.

Its Melville building, with 550 employees, is intact but the seat of power has moved West, to a Denver suburb.

The transition date for Arrow's longtime headquarters in Melville had been announced by the $18 billion company when it disclosed, last month, that it was shifting the corporate offices to Englewood, Colo.

"Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW) today announced that its Colorado operations will become the company's global headquarters, effective Nov. 15, 2011," the Arrow news release said.

Tuesday editions of The Denver Post marked the date in a story. "Arrow Electronics officially becomes a Colorado-based company today," it began. "As part of its move from Long Island to Arapahoe County, Arrow plans to add 1,250 jobs over the next five years to the 1,000 already in Colorado."

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