Technology can be job hunters’ best friend or worst enemy, depending on how they use it, says Rob Hellmann , vice president of the Five O’Clock Club, a Manhattan career-consulting group.

Break the unspoken rules of job search techno-etiquette, he said, and you risk your virtual resume being dragged into the trash.

“How you use technology speaks volumes about your skills, your style, your ability to connect with future employers and your manners,” Hellmann says.

Here are a few of his suggestions on proper technology etiquette for job hunters.

-Make your first impression the old-fashioned way. “In an age where e-mailing and texting seem to be the preferred methods of communication,” he said, “it may come as a surprise that snail-mail is actually the best way to get recognized by hiring managers.”

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Snail mail allows job seekers to take advantage of paper quality, resume design and appealing typefaces. On the other hand, e-mails are filtered; so cover letters and resumes are at the mercy of settings on the Web, Hellmann said.

-Use e-mail for follow-up and networking. “E-mail is generally viewed as acceptable for communication after a meeting,” he said. For example, an email is great for sending a link to showcase someone’s work. But job candidates should always send important follow-ups by snail-mail.

-Use mobile devices only in a pinch. “Many people type rapidly and badly with their thumbs on BlackBerries and similar devices,” Hellmann says. “The typical mobile message has at least two typos in it because it’s composed in a hurry, and in quick reaction to an inbound e-mail.”

-Network through LinkedIn and other sites. “When job hunters use LinkedIn, they are simply putting themselves out there,” Hellmann says. “But remember, for LinkedIn to work, someone has to contact you. Use these passive techniques and then get on with your real search.”

-Always use your best judgment. “When it comes down to it, you must assess the risks of your decisions and do what is right for you,” he says.