Long Island will receive $2.8 million in federal grant money to help unemployed residents get back to work, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s office announced.

The funding will provide 29 full-time state Department of Labor career counselors who will work during the year with 11,000 residents receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

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The “intensive career training and counseling” program will include three mandatory one-on-one appointments, a work search plan, training assessments and referrals to employment opportunities, the governor’s office said Monday.

The Long Island funding is part of a $20 million grant the state received this year from the U.S. Labor Department, $2 million more than last year. Statewide, the grant is expected to support 210 career counselors who will work with 101,000 New Yorkers this year.

“This funding allows us to continue providing intensive career counseling that has been key to helping hard-working Empire State residents find new careers and re-enter the work force,” Gov. Cuomo said in the announcement.

Among the state’s regions, Long Island received the second-highest funding. New York City’s $7.1 million was the highest.

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In March, the Island had 62,200 unemployed residents, down 8,800 from the year before, the latest state Labor Department data show.