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LI healthcare printer adds equipment

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging Credit: Handout

Chesapeake Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging, of Hicksville, has expanded its production line by adding a second large-format paper-folding machine. It will produce pamphlet inserts for prescription drug packages.

The new Vijuk MV-2011 large-format folding machine can turn a single large sheet into as many as 238 panels, using thin paper and reducing the finished product to as small as 1-inch by 1-inch, the company said.

The Hicksville plant, which is part of an international company based in the UK, was a recipient of a $175,000 state grant in 2008, had pledged at that time to use the Empire State Development Corp. funding to help it buy new equipment, to remain and grow on Long Island instead of moving to North Carolina.

The large-scale folding machine will help the Hicksville plant expand its revenue because U.S. drugmakers are scrambling to keep up with new Food and Drug Administration requirements for patient-information brochures that are easier to read, Christopher Cassidy, a company vice president, said in a Thursday news release.

The company bought the machine because the FDA has new requirements for larger font sizes and more information in packaging inserts, Cassidy said.

“It’s a challenge for many pharmaceutical companies to meet this requirement without having to make major changes to their existing packaging lines. Chesapeake can now offer an effective solution,” he said.

Cassidy did not say how much the machine cost, but in a Newsday interview in 2008 the company said the state grant would help it buy a $500,000 folding machine.

Chesapeake, headquartered in Old Amersham, England, has several dozen locations in Europe, five in the U.S. and two in China.

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