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LI home sales data goes virtual

No more home sales charts in tiny print - sooo yesterday.

At the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island, the new medium for monthly data is YouTube and colorful trend graphs that can show at a glance if prices are hot or sinking like cement.

The data makeover is aimed at Gen X and Y, consumers 40 and younger who want things short and sweet, who can text and walk at the same time.

"Those Gen Xs and Gen Ys are our emerging market," said Frank Dell'Accio Jr., who, as MLSLI president, will emcee monthly YouTube videos. "They're going to feed our market. Let's not kid ourselves. It's not the baby boomers that are feeding the market any longer."

The effort to "freshen" the look of the Multiple Listing Service of Long Island will position agents to catch the type of consumer who was the life of the housing market when sales were stale last year. They're young, working class, first-time buyers, eager to nab low interest rates and the federal home buyers tax credit.

The trade group has hired a Minnesota company to take over the presentation of sales data. Also within the week, MLSLI will for the first time make its data open to the public on its Web site, including a link to, Dell'Accio said.

He said Gen X and Y consumers, including his son, go online for everything: "They want to do it walking down the street, so to speak. It's not a matter of stopping at a coffee shop like it was 10 or eight years ago with a laptop to read something. They want to do it quickly."

Two years ago, the trade group set up an MLSLI YouTube channel, but it had only nine videos for consumer education and agent training. This week, the January home data video was posted.

"Optimal conditions are now," the voice-over says about buying homes in "The Monthly Skinny" video.

"People like video," Dell'Accio said. "They want to get it where they want it. We want to be where the people are."

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