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LI's Pall Corp. water filters aid Senegal villages

Pall Aria Pure System used in Senegal

Pall Aria Pure System used in Senegal Credit: Pall Corp.

Pall Corp., of Port Washington, has set up a pilot water-filtration project to target the chronic public health problem of fluorosis, or fluoride overdose, in remote villages in the nation of Senegal.

The villages depend on well water and are not connected to Senegal's electric power grid, so Pall set up the reverse-osmosis system to run on solar power.

The villages are Ndiaffate and Dankh Sene, with a combined population of about 3,000, in the Senegalese interior east of the capital, Dakar.

Pall Corp. is working there in partnership with University Cheikh Anta Diop, in Dakar, and a Catholic religious order, the Discalced Carmelites.

The systems will be installed starting next month. The specific filtration system is the Pall Aria Pure.

Production of such solar-powered, low-energy use systems could provide a significant market for Pall worldwide. High levels of naturally occurring fluoride in water causes decay to teeth and bones in vast regions of the world, including Africa, China, India and the Middle East, the World Health Organization says.

A study of Senegal's underground water showed fluoride levels of up to 15 times the acceptable health standard.

The installation of the Pall water systems is the culmination of an 18-month pilot test, with "1,000 hours of on-site testing under harsh conditions," Pall said in a Wednesday news release.

The Pall Aria Pure system produces 500 liters an hour, and  "is an easily transportable, manual, low-pressure reverse osmosis system engineered for ... total dissolved solids removal -- including fluoride -- from well water," Pall said.

Greg Collins, president of Pall's energy and water division, said in the news release that the solar-powered system "is a potential model for other communities in developing countries.”

Photo: Pall Aria Pure System used in Senegal. 

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