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LI Web start-up, 'Talent' winner set contest

Creators of the start-up website LoadnVote and their

Creators of the start-up website LoadnVote and their mentor-manager, from left, Maxx Yellin, 22, Matthew Waxman, 23, Eric Maccabi, 25, and Jonathan Doman, 22, at their office in Jericho. Maccabi is the mentor-manager. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Long Island start-up may have been inspired by "American Idol," but for its first major talent contest the website is turning to a winner from a different reality TV show, "America's Got Talent."

Starting Monday, LoadnVote will begin taking submissions for a talent contest it is hosting with Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., the jazz musician who won "America's Got Talent" last season.

LoadnVote, which launched in February, provides an online platform for the public to vote on contests that depend on visual media. The site takes submissions in the form of videos, photos or audio for its contests -- which range from Best Cupcake Designs to Most Outrageous YouTube Video -- and then allows the public to vote on their favorites.

For Murphy's talent contest, performers -- including musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, etc. -- can submit videos of their talents until Sept. 20.

LoadnVote will then open voting between Sept. 21 and Oct. 5. The winner will get the chance to perform during one of Murphy's upcoming concerts.

"We thought this would be a mutually good opportunity, because he became famous from obscurity -- and that's the goal of our website," said LoadnVote co-founder Jonathan Doman. "But this is obviously an easier way for the average person instead of going on 'America's Got Talent' or 'American Idol.' "

Doman, 22, founded the website with his childhood friends Maxx Yellin, 22, and Matthew Waxman, 23. All three are from Dix Hills.

Just six months after its inception, LoadnVote is starting to bring in revenue. The start-up makes money by hosting contests for companies that want to get more name recognition, Doman said. "We have created a new . . . way for companies to advertise . . . with fun, interactive voting."

Waxman, another co-founder, said the website has hosted about 50 sponsored contests so far, with up to 150 entries in some competitions and more than 200,000 voters participating.

LoadnVote is a portfolio company of Jericho-based Canrock Ventures, a venture capital firm. Canrock provides LoadnVote with funding, office space and mentoring.

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