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Lice advice

With money tight, not all families can afford $100 an hour or more for treatment of head lice.

The Fairy LiceMothers will offer a home delousing kit for those who cannot afford treatments. Available some time this month for $30 to $40, the kit will include organic mousse, shampoo and a nit comb.

Like most experts, the Fairy LiceMothers said combing lice and nits out of the hair is the one required part of any treatment.

"No gel or lotion will kill all the adults, and the eggs can't be destroyed by chemicals or organic enzymes," Carol Gilbert said.

"You must comb through the hair and get them out individually."

Because it is not a disease, cases of head lice is not required to be reported to local health agencies. However, the state Department of Health does have a fact sheet to help those hit by the parasite. (Click here to find it.)

A spokesman for the state Education Department said local school districts develop policies on head lice through medical directors. More information is available from the Harvard School of Public Health. (Click here to find it.)

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