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LIers get candid on hidden camera

What would you do TV logo

What would you do TV logo

Straight-talking Long Island shoppers are the stars of a recently aired TV episode filmed at Inmotion, a clothing shop in Merrick, on ABC-TV's hidden-camera show "What Would You Do?"

The Feb. 18 ABC segment is titled, "Guy Demands Girlfriend Wear Skimpy Clothes."

It asks the question, "How Would You React if You Saw a Man Push His Clothing Tastes on His Conservative Girlfriend?"

In the scenes at Inmotion, actors play the roles of an overbearing boyfriend who bullies his girlfriend into wearing revealing clothing.

Other shoppers react, most of them bashing the boyfriend.

"I want to be proud. When my friends see you, I want them to say you got the hottest girl in town,” the man says.

He turns to other shoppers and asks their opinions.

One shopper says, " … You have to work with her. ... Pick something out that you both like.”

Another is more blunt. " … You are wrong," she says. "That's not how a woman should be treated. She's a pretty girl. She can go get someone else who treats her better than you do. ... You shouldn't talk to her like that."

Two other shoppers, spouses Ned and Tina Levine, both dislike the way the boyfriend treats the girlfriend.

"For her to have to dress the way you want her to dress? That sucks," says Ned Levine (who happens to work at Newsday).

"Take care of you," Tina Levine says.

"Dump him," Ned says.

"You be quiet. Don't start a fight," says Tina.

The segment ends, of course, with the TV crew revealing themselves and everyone having a good laugh — amid some serious comments about emotional abuse.


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