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Look who's cooking! A Bohemia accounting firm

The accounting firm Cerini & Associates in Bohemia

The accounting firm Cerini & Associates in Bohemia has cooked up a book, "Accounting for Good Taste," to highlight its staff's culinary skills. Credit: Handout

The accounting firm Cerini & Associates in Bohemia has cooked up a book to highlight its staff’s culinary skills.

Its “Accounting for Good Taste” is a collection of employees’ favorite family recipes for desserts and cocktails.

The firm has distributed about 600 books to clients, contacts and employees, said Theresa Weston, the firm’s senior marketer. And Cerini will distribute more at events throughout the year. The firm first published a book a couple of years ago, and the idea was brought back by popular demand, Weston said

"They’re pretty popular,” she said. “We get a lot of good feedback about them.”

She said the firm decided to put together a cookbook because clients who sampled offerings at the annual holiday food day often requested recipes. And the managing partner, Kenneth Cerini, enjoys cooking.

The spiral-bound book includes recipes for a double pistachio cake, creme caramel and a gingerbread martini. The recipes include pairings, or recommendations for accompaniments for a dish, as in serving the the Death by Chocolate trifle with “Champagne of course.”

Carrie-Anne Gonzalez, the firm’s graphic designer, shot the photos and did the layout for the 58-page book. And the writing was also done in-house.

The firm hopes for encores -- a possible book on appetizers and then entrees.

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