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Love My Shoes donates to Wall St protesters

Some of the Wall Street demonstrators, mostly women, are wearing shoes donated by a Farmingdale retailer, Love My Shoes, the company president said Monday.

Robert Yeganeh says he plans ultimately to donate about 10,000 pairs and will have trucked about 3,500 of them into Manhattan once his second van load arrives Tuesday or Wednesday.

"I saw these people pouring their hearts out day after day demonstrating and said, 'These people have got to be comfortable on their feet,' " he said.

His stores in Huntington, Bayside, Oceanside and Babylon, as well as his Internet operation, sell women's shoes. A men's shoe manufacturer and distributor has donated a few hundred pairs of men's shoes, he said.

The donated shoes, he said, are designed for comfort and include women's flat shoes, sneakers and sandals.

"Although Love My Shoes remains non-political, as a parent I felt my obligation to provide support to the protesters' feet that walk miles and miles every day," Yeganeh said in the release.

"Some of these marchers are wearing out their shoes and these people have no jobs so they probably can't afford new shoes."

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