Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Macy's at midnight

Kathy Abramonte, 23, of Levittown, and her cousin,

Kathy Abramonte, 23, of Levittown, and her cousin, Heily Paulino, 8, finished shopping for gifts by 3:40 a.m. at the Roosevelt Field mall in Garden City. Credit: Newsday/Keiko Morris

Macy's midnight opening at Roosevelt Field was perfect for Melba Sundararaj, 38, of Floral Park. Her husband was home watching her three sleeping children, and she and her friend were free to shop.

By 3:30 a.m., she was hauling at least 10 large shopping bags full of discounted housewares -- cooking sets, bath towels, bowls.

“I have three kids, and now they are sleeping, so I thought, 'Now is a good time to come.' "

Kathy Abramonte, 23, and her cousins were giddy with laughter as they exited Macy's in the Roosevelt Field mall. They had so much fun at Thanksgiving dinner that they decided to hang out with one other longer and give Black Friday a try.

“We didn't expect to buy that much,” Abramonte said.

“We're so little and the bags are bigger than us,” said her cousin, Cynthia Povis, of Levittown, as the group erupted into giggles.

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