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Map: See top companies change by sales, profit, market cap and workforce

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So what makes a top company top, exactly? A few weeks ago, Newsday released its 2013 analysis of the top public companies on Long Island, ranking them by market capitalization: the sum of all shares of a company’s stock. But market cap is only one measure of a company’s impact.

The total profit a company takes in, the volume of sales a company makes in a year and the overall size of the company’s workforce all could classify the business as a top company when compared to the region as a whole.

The map below shows those differences.

We’ve plotted the 56 companies on our Top Companies list on the map below by the address of each headquarters, adjusting the size of the bubbles to correspond with the following four metrics: market cap, sales, profit and workforce. Click on the buttons to the right of the map to highlight different categories and note how the size of the bubbles changes. The larger the bubble, the bigger the number. Hover over each company’s marker for detailed info and specific figures.

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About the Data

Newsday's 2014 Top Companies list was compiled by S&P Capital IQ and includes all public companies that were headquartered in New York's Nassau or Suffolk counties in 2013. Some of these companies have since announced takeovers or headquarter changes that will disqualify them from next year's list. The database includes information on 2013 market capitalization, profit, sales, 3-year stock return and workforce size.

As the above map shows, the ranking of Long Island's top companies changes when looking a different company financials. The below chart lists the top 10 Long Island companies when ranked in four separate lists: market capitalization, profit, sales and workforce.

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