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MesoScribe Technologies lands Department of Energy grant

MesoScribe Technologies Inc., a St. James company that makes high-tech industrial equipment, has secured a $1 million federal grant to develop wireless sensors for use in power plants.
The funding is part of $102 million that the Department of Energy has awarded to small businesses in New York and 25 other states.
MesoScribe, whose technology was pioneered at Stony Brook University, will use the grant to develop sensors to measure heat fluctuations and pressure on gas turbine engine components.

The devices, which could also be used in jet engines and other industrial equipment, are designed to detect if a turbine is danger of overheating or cracking, allowing plant operators to catch nascent problems before they cause damage.
“We want to be able to predict when things go wrong,” said Jeff Brogan, MesoScribe’s chief executive.
Founded in 2002, MesoScribe has 15 employees, including 10 on Long Island. The company manufactures its products in Huntington Beach, Calif.

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