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Money Fix: Midyear financial checkup

It's midway through the year -- a perfect

It's midway through the year -- a perfect time to reevaulate your financial goals, and your progress in meeting them. Credit: iStock

You made plans and promises to get your finances together in 2013. The year is half over -- so what's the reality?

Grade yourself. In separate columns, write down your goals, what happened and state why you were or weren't successful. As for the rest of the year, decide what goals you want to attain, update, or delete, says Kevin Gallegos, vice president of Freedom Financial Network in Phoenix.

Revisit your budget. Determine what trade-offs you can make to still reach your goals, advises Andrew Corrado, Long Island Market President of Capital One Bank in Melville.

Think about taxes. "Things like selling investments or a home in excess of the capital gains exemption could affect your annual tax bill, so it's wise to set money aside to meet the obligation on the capital gains of the sale. Keep track of any losses that may reduce your tax burden. Doing this now will reduce headaches come tax season," says Rocco A. Carriero, an Ameriprise financial adviser in Southampton.

Refinance. Interest rates seem to be rising. If you haven't refinanced, consider it, says Craig Fine, a partner at WeiserMazar in Woodbury. If you have an interest-only or adjustable mortgage, consider fixing your rates before they rise.

Don't beat yourself up. If you've gotten off track, accept it. Most importantly, says Jason Kolinksy, a certified financial planner with Kolinsky Wealth Management, "Half the battle is being conscious of changes we need to make; taking action is the other half."

Get going.

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