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More reports of problems in repaired Toyotas

LOS ANGELES - LOS ANGELES - More than 60 drivers have complained of sudden acceleration of their cars despite repairs by Toyota Motor Corp. in the current recalls, new data show.

The latest figure, released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Thursday, significantly increases the total number of complaints involving repaired vehicles, which was under 10 on Tuesday.

The new complaints allege several accidents and at least three injuries resulting from runaway acceleration despite undergoing series of modifications at Toyota dealerships designed to halt the issue.

In response to the rising number of complaints, federal regulators said they would contact each motorist to find out more about what happened. The NHTSA also said it would ask Toyota for similar complaints it may have received from customers. The agency does not normally verify individual reports, which are posted anonymously on its database.

"If it appears that a remedy provided by Toyota is not addressing the problem it was intended to fix, NHTSA has the authority to order Toyota to provide a different solution," the agency said in a statement.

Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said that he had no immediate comment. Toyota has encouraged drivers experiencing acceleration issues after the repairs to take them back to the dealership to be inspected.

The automaker has maintained that sudden acceleration in its Toyota and Lexus vehicles is caused by sticking gas pedals or floor mats that can entrap the pedal, and has issued nearly 10 million recall notices to vehicles worldwide to make fixes to correct the problem.

The new complaints, however, are fueling skepticism from those who think the root cause may lie in Toyota's electronics.

NHTSA said this week it has received at least 52 reports of fatalities to sudden acceleration in Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

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