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MTA sells Sag Harbor parcel to condo developer

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has OK'd the $201,000 sale of a strip of property in Sag Harbor just off Route 114.

Sale of the parcel will allow a condo developer to proceed with a planned project near Sag Harbor Cove, the Sag Harbor Express reports.

The 16,400-square-foot parcel (measuring about 40 feet wide and 350 feet long) had been owned by the Long Island Rail Road since 1869, but was of no use to the MTA since the LIRR ended service to Sag Harbor in 1939.

The buyer is Nalex International Development Corp. The Sag Harbor Express describes the company’s principal executive, Emil Talel, as "a developer who has long sought, unsuccessfully, to construct condominiums on a neighboring parcel."

An MTA board document gave more details on the background of the buyer. The document says Nalex is "controlled by the same principals as East End Ventures."

East End Ventures Llc, owner of the neighboring parcel, filed an adverse possession lawsuit in Suffolk County Court in 2008 against the MTA and LIRR. In the suit, East End Ventures said it was the owner of the parcel "by virtue of the open and notorious use of the parcel by a predecessor-in-title" of the neighboring land.

To settle the suit, the MTA agreed to sell the strip of land to East End for $82,025 — but that sale was halted when the Village of Sag Harbor intervened and said it wanted to buy it and make it a waterfront public park.

The MTA then sought bids for the property, with the stipulation that any buyer must be willing to take responsibility for defending the adverse action lawsuit. Nalex (i.e., East End Ventures) bid $201,000 and the village bid $90,101 — and the MTA in its December meeting approved selling to the highest bidder.


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