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Nassau drinking spots getting fake-ID detectors

The drivers license scanners being handed out by

The drivers license scanners being handed out by the Nassau District Attorney are donated by Heineken International. Credit: Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice says she plans to help bars and restaurants keep underage patrons from drinking (and from driving drunk) by providing free driver's license scanners.

The scanners -- donated to the DA’s office by Heineken International -- can show a doorman or bartender whether a license is fake, Rice said. Since kicking off the giveaway program Monday, her office has given out more than 50 of the scanners and has another 400 or so on hand, for the asking.

“Bartenders, servers, and restaurant managers are on the front lines in the fight against underage drinking, so providing them with these license readers will be an effective deterrent,” Rice said.

“With Nassau County’s many bars and restaurants thriving this summer, it is comforting to know that so many establishments share my commitment to keeping Nassau County’s residents safe," she said.

The device, made by 3M, is technically called a security laminate verifier, equipped with a special light that highlights the watermark in a New York State driver's license.

Rice's office gave 50 of the scanners to Brian Rosenberg, the creator of Restaurants Against Drunk Driving and the owner of Sugar Dining Den and Social Club in Carle Place.

Rosenberg will pass them out to other restaurateurs and bar owners in Nassau and Suffolk counties, and when he needs more the Nassau DA's office will replenish his supply.

Meanwhile, individual business owners are encouraged to call Rice's office -- as a few have already -- and they can get a scanner directly.

Above, the driver's license scanners being handed out by the Nassau County District Attorney's Office were donated by Heineken International.

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