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New website promotes 2012 Economic Census

The Census Bureau has launched a website to promote the 2012 Economic Census, the government survey that business owners will be asked to fill out next month.

The site, which can be accessed at, has videos, facts sheets and ideas to aid organizations in getting the word out to encourage businesses to fill out the economic census forms.

The economic census is conducted every five years as a measure of the U.S. economy. The resulting data is used by a variety of sources -- including trade associations, other businesses and various U.S. government agencies as a benchmark for economic indicators.

Pearl Kamer, the Long Island Association's chief economist, said she uses the data provided by the economic census to calculate various economic factors specific to Long Island, like the productivity rate for local manufacturers.

"It really contributes invaluable information," she said.

The data can also help out local businesses, Kamer added. For example, if the Long Island manufacturing productivity rate is higher than other areas in America, local firms can use the figure to attract outside business.

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