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Solar panels and the Los Angeles skyline.

Solar panels and the Los Angeles skyline. Credit: Getty Images

Syosset-based green energy marketer Dan Carazo's has posted a few new items on his blog,

He blogs about energy system retrofits; an update on California's solar energy initiative; and free stuff from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Carazo, of Carazo Communications, is the author of "Green Electrical $ells: Profit from the Booming Markets for Green Building and Energy Efficiency."

He is a consultant, journalist and corporate marketer specializing in the electrical, lighting, lighting control and energy efficiency industries.

The book, he says, “delivers insights and tips from over 80 experts about the most in-demand energy-efficient product categories currently being applied in the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and retrofit segments.”

Those are solar panels and the Los Angeles skyline, above.

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