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Newsday reporter documents monthlong No Spend Challenge

Newsday reporter Daysi Calavia-Robertson at home in Massapequa

Newsday reporter Daysi Calavia-Robertson at home in Massapequa with her husband, Matt, son, FDR, 3, and daughter, Carolina, 2. Credit: Linda Rosier

It's a well-known fact that living on Long Island is expensive, but does it have to be?

What would happen if a typical Long Island family cut their discretionary spending to the bone for a month, spending only on necessities?

Newsday reporter Daysi Calavia-Robertson decided to find out, embarking on the so-called No-Spend Challenge and bringing her family along for the ride. Daysi has chronicled her journey both on and via her Instagram handle @presspassdaysi

Gearing up for not spending

Day 1: What was I thinking?

Day 3: No spend? No sweat (but keep the chocolate coming)

Day 7: Becoming an 'is this free?' person

Day 8: Tweaking a family tradition to save money

Day 9: Appreciating the little things

Day 10: No spend meets no clean clothes

Day 15: When is it time to press 'pause' on the No-Spend Challenge?

Day 16: Not free, but a priceless birthday party

Day 19: Know your 'why'

Day 22: Savings so far, $621.88

Day 23: Inspirational reads for 'No Spend' challengers

Day 24: Unexpected expenses don't have to be scary after all

Day 25: No Spend Challenge reminds us how rich we are 

No Spend Challenge:

Allowed Spending

  • Mortgage or rent
  • utilities
  • groceries
  • internet/phone
  • insurance
  • gas
  • medication/ health care

Not allowed spending

  • Activities
  • eating out, coffee, drinks
  • clothes
  • Ubers/Lyft
  • hair and nail services
  • anything else that's a want (not a need)


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