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Nonprofit groups had greater job growth

Exterior of the Oceanside campus of South Nassau

Exterior of the Oceanside campus of South Nassau Community Hospital. Credit: Charles Eckert

More people were hired by Long Island's hospitals, charities and other not-for-profits during  the past decade than in the economy has a whole, according to a new report.

Not-for-profits here employed 132,640 people last year, a gain of 32.4 percent from 2000. The region's total employment only grew 1.3 percent in the same period to 1.2 million workers.

The rapid growth was due to higher demand for medical care and social services for growing numbers of old people, said Pearl Kamer, chief economist at the Long Island Association, who authored the 24-page study.

Not-for-profits also have doubled their payrolls in the past 10 years to $6.4 billion, with 82 percent from health care institutions. This spending in turn supported 88,500 jobs in other industries and $4.4 billion in additional spending.

A separate study found the region's arts and cultural institutions employ 3,210 people who earn $150 million per year as a group. The studies are part of an ongoing effort by the LIA profile key drivers of the regional economy.

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