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NY uses new promotion for payment plan on unpaid income taxes

New Yorkers who have fallen behind on paying their state income taxes for the first time this year may soon get a colorful notice from the state Department of Taxation and Finance promoting the department's payment plan.

The state tax agency decided to start sending more colorful letter reminders as a campaign to make direct contact with taxpayers who are behind on their payments.

"This is really an effort for somebody who’s just fallen behind. . . not the mega million dollar debt people," said tax agency spokesman Cary Ziter. "We’re trying to find a creative, innovative way to let them know we understand the situation. . . but you the taxpayer have to pick up the phone and contact us. You don’t need to get upset, you need to take action."

The payment plan, which has proven successful in the past, allows those who were delinquent in paying their taxes in the past year to pay back what they owe in monthly installments. It targets taxpayers who are unable to pay their state income taxes for the first time, and owe on average about $600 in taxes. The letter promoting the payment plan was only sent to about 2,000 New Yorkers.

Those interested in the program can also sign up by going to or calling 518-453-8110.

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