When James Brown sang, “It’s a Man’s World,” he was on to something. According to new research by the National Partnership for Women & Families, on average, New York women employed full-time, year-round are paid just 87 cents for every dollar paid to men — a yearly gap of $6,799. The gender gap costs women in New York nearly $20 billion per year.

The wage gap isn’t new and it won’t close overnight. It’s up to women to help change the game.

Invest in yourself

“Make financial choices that increase your earning power. Learn new skills. Get your MBA. Earn a professional certification. Investing in Botox, designer handbags and little dogs are not part of the plan,” says Lauren Klein, a certified financial planner with Klein Financial Advisors in Newport Beach, California.

Stay in the workforce

“Don’t leave for child-rearing and caregiving,” says Cary Carbonaro, author of “The Money Queen’s Guide for Woman Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear.” Timing matters. Research from the University of Virginia found that each one-year delay for women starting a family increased their lifetime earnings by 3 percent.


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Starting with that first job, research the market so you know what’s fair, then ask for what you deserve.

Find an advocate

Seek out someone who has an in with senior leaders who can put in a good word for you.