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Pall equipment aids testing in Europe's E. coli epidemic

Pall's GeneDisc system, which is being used by

Pall's GeneDisc system, which is being used by Germany's national reference laboratory to expedite testing of food samples for the toxic strain of the pathogen E.coli. Credit: Pall Corp.

A pathogen-detection system made by Pall Corp., of Port Washington,  is helping German health laboratories screen for a deadly strain of E.coli that has sickened nearly 3,000 people and disrupted Europe's food industry Pall said Monday.

Germany's national reference laboratory is using Pall's GeneDisc System to expedite genetic testing of food samples for the toxic strain known as E.coli O104:H4, or STEC.

“We are using Pall’s GeneDisc test kit for investigative screening of potential E.coli O104:H4 samples as well as for confirmation of presumptive positive samples,"  Lothar Beutin, of Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, said in a Pall news release.

"The GeneDisc system has proven highly effective in rapidly identifying STEC and helping us manage this public health crisis."

In a dozen countries, including Germany, a total of 2,700 cases of serious illness and 25 fatalities, have been reported, Pall said.

Pall described its GeneDisc system as a fast, simple and reliable testing solution for the detection of multiple food-borne contaminants, based on polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, technology. The system "virtually eliminates operator error". . . and produces positive or negative results within as little as one hour, Pall said.

Pall, a filtration specialist, makes equipment for the medical devices, breweries, dairies, blood processing systems, water purification plants and other uses.

Photo:  Pall's GeneDisc technology, which is being used by a national  laboratory in Germany to expedite testing of food samples in an E coli outbreak.

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