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Pall of Port Washington gets U.S. Energy Department contract

Port Washington-based Pall Corp. has won a U.S. Department of Energy lab contract for a biofuels filtration system, the company said Monday.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory project is aimed at reducing reliance on fossil fuels. It is funded by the federal stimulus act.

Pall's role will be "to develop critical filtration and separation processes."

Pall "will be an engineering partner on each of six processes for biofuel production being evaluated under the program. These processes include fermentation, catalytic conversion, catalytic fast pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction, and a low-cost, one-step syngas-to-distillates process," Pall said in a news release.

"Pall is honored to have been selected to participate in this important research collaboration," Greg Heilbrunn, a senior vice president at Pall's energy division.

"Our experience in advanced hot gas and liquid hydro separations for both conventional and alternative energy applications, as well as our global leadership in industrial membrane separations, will enable us to help ensure a marketable outcome of the consortium's work."

Biofuels are liquids such as ethanol and biodiesel, used as transportation fuel. Ethanol, in a process similar to beer making, is currently made from plant starches and sugars, but the Energy Department lab is working on ways to make it from the cellulose and hemicellulose that make up the bulk of plant matter. Biodiesel is a diesel engine fuel made with fats, oils or cooking grease.

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