Candy, doughnuts, beer, whiskey — any of these products can be manufactured faster and at lower cost with a new filtration system designed by Port Washington-based Pall Corp., the company said in a Tuesday news release.

Pall said the system is capable of “increasing the efficiency of sweetener production by up to 72 percent.”

The company said it adapted its SUPRApak filtration system for use by factories that need to remove impurities from sugary liquids.

Potential customers for the system include candy makers and bakers. A Pall brochure for the SUPRApak system includes photos of gumdrops, sugar syrup and glasses of wine, beer and spirits.

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The system can be adapted for breweries, vintners and distillers of brandy and whiskey, Pall said.

The filter system is based on modular assemblies of circular filters made of cellulose, diatomite and perlite. The modules can replace traditional, sheet-based filtration units that require more labor to change and maintain.