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Pest control tips from 'Law & Order'

Mariano Acosta

Mariano Acosta Credit: Arrow

Mariano Acosta, of Arrow Exterminating Co. in Lynbrook, has been honored with a national award for excellence in pest control.

Acosta's problem-solving skills — which, he says, he hones by watching lots of "Law & Order" episodes — got him the recognition.

Apparently the award is big news in the pest control business, prompting a 1,300-word profile of him in the online trade journal Pest Control Technology.

In the profile, Acosta says he’s not just an exterminator — he’s a pest detective.
Acosta is the recipient of the "Residential Technician of the Year Award", according to the online trade journal .

In the profile, published online Monday, Acosta describes how he uses an "investigative approach to solve pest mysteries and close the case for each of his customers."

He describes one case in which he painstakingly sought the modus operandi of a bird colony that had infested an apartment building boiler room.

"Using his flashlight, he saw small footprints and a few feathers. . ." the profile discloses.
For more information on how Acosta rounded up the suspects and brought them to justice, check out the profile.

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