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Pesticide foes worry about fund cuts

Bug trap

Bug trap Credit: Cornell University

Alarms are ringing for supporters of an alternative agriculture program that helps farmers reduce their use of pesticides.

One advocate of the Integrated Pest Management program, the Long Island Farm Bureau, has sent out an e-Lobby Alert titled “IPM Program in Danger.”

“The Integrated Pest Management program at Cornell University has been notified by the Department of Agriculture and Markets that their program will be closed down on March 31 due to ongoing budget cutting measures by New York State,” the Farm Bureau says in the online alert.

“The IPM program has been used to help farmers reduce pesticide applications and still control insects, diseases and weeds. 

“The IPM program also provides invaluable educational resources to farmers and has leveraged millions of additional grant funding. Urge Governor Cuomo and the Department of Agriculture and Markets to restore the Integrated Pest Management program in the final state budget.”

Among the IPM program's activities are a network of pheromone traps (above left) that help sweet corn growers prevent damage from worm pests, the Cornell University program says.

The IPM program is also sounding the alarm. Click here for more information.

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