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Good Afternoon

Poll: Does your company have summer hours?

Do you get to hit the hammock --

Do you get to hit the hammock -- or the highway -- early on Fridays in the summer? Tell us if your company offers summer hours. Credit:

During the summer, some companies let their workers put in half days on Fridays, to extend those fleeting, warm-weather weekends.

Some give the four hours off as a gift; others make their employees work an extra hour a day Monday through Thursday to earn the right to take Friday afternoon off.

Or maybe you're like the rest of us: Fridays in the summer are full work days, just like they are in the fall, winter and spring.

Tell us about your situation. Are you a boss who allows summer hours? Or a worker who wishes you had them?

Please vote and leave a comment. Results and a selection of comments will appear in next Sunday's paper.

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