SAFGRU Firm Founded by Navy SEAL Veterans and Physician Trains People in Personal Survival

MIAMI, Fla. (PRWEB) June 15, 2016

Seeking to educate Americans about how to deal with situations like the attack in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in United States history, leaders of SAFGRU, the national firm that presents active shooter seminars are offering 10 survival tips that will empower the public.

“Our motto is ‘safety and security through education and empowerment’,” said Lt. Commander Hector Delgado, chief operating officer of SAFGRU and a former U.S. Navy SEAL. “Our years of experience in the military and law enforcement has taught us that even though the odds seem unfavorable it is possible to achieve a positive outcome from a negative situation by having the proper training.”

“At SAFGRU, we provide our clients with the tools they need to increase the possibility of survival,” said Michael Donnelly, chief executive officer of SAFGRU and a former Special Operations Navy SEAL. “The shootings in Orlando are a call for action. Ordinary citizens must understand that it is time to step up and be prepared because no one else is going to do the job for them.”

SAFGRU leaders have provided the following 10 steps that will help people encountering an active shooter situation:
1. Go with your gut feeling when you think something might be wrong.
2. Pay attention to possible clues that signal an impending attack.
3. See things with honest eyes and don’t ignore something that makes you uneasy.
4. You do not need permission from anyone to take action to defend yourself.
5. Don’t overthink it. You will not be able to base your decisions on perfect information.
6. Take a leadership role. There may not be a person of authority to tell you what to do.
7. Remember to be flexible when it comes to Run – Lockdown – Fight. You need to be quick on your feet and choose the best option even though it may be unexpected.
8. At all times increase your separation distance from the shooter.
9. Running away beats lockdown each and every time.
10. If it comes to a fight, be the winner. Give it your all. Finish the fight.

“Unfortunately, the Orlando situation was not hard to predict due to the number of incidents that have occurred during the past few years,” said Terrence Burns, M.D., president of SAFGRU and a respected medical authority. “We are prepared to educate those who are interested in their personal survival and the survival of those around them.”

SAFGRU offers customized training courses to help organizations prepare for an active shooter situation. The seminar is a collaborative effort between former Navy SEALS and FDNY veterans, all chosen for real life operational experience and their proven teaching skills. Course content is consistent with FBI and DHS advisories for civilians.



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Founded by health experts and veterans of our nation’s military and law enforcement agencies, SAFGRU provides clients with the tools they need to increase the possibility of survival. Our customized trainings include active shooter seminars, motivational speeches and team building events. For more information visit, contact(at)SAFGRU(dot)com, call 1-800-378-4031 or follow @SAFGRU.

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