Ask Likey, the creative new app for iOS and Android, makes gift giving easy and fun with its interactive, question-based interface.

Indianapolis, IN. (PRWEB) October 20, 2015

Gift giving and random acts of kindness just got easier with the release of Ask Likely, a new app that promises to act as your “relationship personal assistant”. Ask Likely is the brainchild of Indiana couple Aaron and Crystal Gold and strives to answer the age old question of “How does she take her coffee, again?” with ease.

Users interact with Likely, the cute app persona represented by an owl, in a text-based interaction. Built on a simulated intelligence platform, Likely asks questions and users text their response, with the ability to answer one or many prompts in a single session. These conversations are stored in each user’s profile and, once connected with friends, are available as summaries to view whenever needed. Ask Likely allows gift givers and shoppers the ability to see their friends’ and family’s current personal favorites displayed on their mobile device, literally at their fingertips, ensuring happy recipients, every time.

The husband and wife development team have been in the software business for over 11 years, and focused their talents on creating an entirely positive social media experience. “I think that people are done with the negativity in their social exchanges. It is refreshing to have an environment that is solely focused on likes,” states the Ask Likely creators, “We all know so much about each other from social media without really knowing anything at all. I get a general sense of who you are or who you portray yourself as, but I don't get information that helps me really interact with you on a personal level. Ask Likely does that.”

Features of Ask Likely include:

  • A fun, easy user interface
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Secure sign in
  • Internal question rateability for age-appropriate questions
  • Continual growth of question database
  • Personal dashboard of “likes” that can be changed on the fly
  • SMS connectivity
  • Simplified search to add friends and display of likes for personalized gift giving

Ask Likely is available nationwide in the Apple App Store and Google Play for $.99. Plans for expansion and greater functionality are slated for the near future, as the holiday season approaches. Learn more about this unique app at

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