Biometric Match uses proprietary software and algorithms to create better friend and love matches than current match sites allow.

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 09, 2015

The world is fascinated with biometrics, as evidenced by phone and computer thumbprint login capabilities, voice identification for banking, and retinal scans for building security. The technology includes much more than these three examples, but most applications have been in the security field. Until now.

Dal Ellington of Biometric Match has discovered how to harness and map biometrics to aid in matchmaking, whether for friendship or romance. Biometrics, which includes facial expressions, vocal tone and timbre, heart rate, and breathing, can be used to facilitate connections between people with similar responses to stimuli.

?Our emotions and perception is what defines us. How we view the world and how we react to it is at the root of our individuality and personality,? he says. To measure such an intangible entity, Ellington developed a mapping system powered by Affectiva and other proprietary software. These, paired with powerful analytics tools, allow greater insight into likes, dislikes, emotions, and personalities than long questionnaires or short finger swipes across a screen.

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The process has been beta tested and involves Biometric Match users watching short stimulus videos while using their webcam. The system gauges the user?s reaction to the stimuli based on emotion-based facial cues, heart rate, and breathing rate. These results are then mapped and analyzed to provide matches with similar responses. It?s a truly revolutionary matchmaking program, and it?s only possible if the crowdfunding goal through Kickstarter is met.

In addition to customized biometric matches, the company plans to offer physical maps of users? data. For instance, the biometric map will be etched onto tokens, posters, and T-shirts. Kickstarter backers will receive these gifts in exchange for pledges. Future users will have the chance to purchase their maps in various forms.

The future is already here. Dal Ellington, Biometric Match founder, says, ?Through advances in wearable technologies, we will be able to text our emotions to a friend or loved one, and they will be able to physically feel the message. For now, I am excited to be introducing the first social network driven by user biometrics.? To claim your part in this step toward the future, visit the Kickstarter page to take part.

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