Truck drivers working for New Prime, Inc. allege the transportation company misclassified them as independent contractors and allegedly failed to reimburse them for work related expenses, among other things

Tulare County, California (PRWEB) June 14, 2016

The Sacramento employment law lawyers at Blumenthal Nordrehaug & Bhowmik filed a class action lawsuit against New Prime, Inc. on behalf of the company's California truck drivers alleging that the transportation company devised an illegal scheme of classifying the truck drivers as independent contractors in order to avoid paying their share of payroll taxes and other business related expenses. The class action lawsuit is currently pending in the Tulare County Superior Court as Case No. 265373. A copy of the class action complaint can be read by clicking here.

The class action Complaint filed by the Sacramento labor attorneys alleges that New Prime, Inc. hires workers to drive trucks in order to provide transportation services for the company but claims that New Prime devised an illegal scheme of classifying the employees as independent contractors in order to avoid paying for all time worked. In particular, the lawsuit alleges that the company had the authority to exercise control over the work performed and the manner and means in which the work was performed. The class action lawsuit alleges that the company controlled every critical aspect of New Prime, Inc.'s daily transportation operations in that the company allegedly provided the customer, the haul, the route, and instructions to its truck drivers as to where to deliver the haul and deadlines for delivery.

Further, the pending lawsuit alleges that the company misclassified their truck driver as independent contractors and furthermore claims that the truck drivers were charged fees, and had deductions from their wages for various purposes, including but allegedly not limited to, for goods, materials, services, government licenses, repairs, equipment maintenance, and/or fines arising from the truck drivers' employment with New Prime, Inc. The Complaint also asserts claims for alleged violations of California's meal and rest break laws.

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