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Brain Health: Review Released of Barton Publishing's Brain & Memory Kit Released

The Brain Health Kit reviews have been flooding the Internet and reveals the truth about this program that claims people can tell which supplements would be good for their brain by simply looking through the ingredients and nutritional value of each.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 22, 2013

Barton Publishing's Brain Health and Memory Kit that informs people about the different things they need to do to keep the brain healthy, be it food, mental stimulation, physical exercise, or supplements, has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“The Brain Health and Memory Kit consists of four reports which aim to inform the reader of various ways to improve mental and brain health. Not only is it an ideal read for those who are older, but even the younger folks may find it stimulating and helpful,” reports Stevenson. “The way each section is divided makes reading and absorbing all the information so much easier. Each part isn’t too long or textbook-like so it’s great for some light reading. However, its content is comprehensive enough to cover all aspects of improving brain health.”

The Brain Health and Memory Kit includes a nutrition guide, which deals with the different types of food which would improve mental health. Known as ‘Eat Your Way to a Sharper Mind’, it also has sections, which deal with memory boosting foods including antioxidants, fats, different types of sugars, and vitamin B, the nutrients and food items which affect the brain, and 5 major foods to avoid. ‘Boost Your Brain Power with Supplements’ is another guide that shows which nutrients are needed for keeping the brain in top shape.

“Separated into four parts, The Brain Health and Memory Kit is easy to read. The digital download version is great for people who want something to read while on the go. With the help of the action plan at the end, it would also be much easier to ease into this new and healthier lifestyle,” says Stevenson. “There are four distinct aspects of mental health being tackled in the book that can either be bought as a digital download or as a physical set of books.”

“The Brain Health and Memory Kit clearly informs readers of the various ways in which mental health can be improved. The nutrition guide ‘Eat Your Way to a Sharper Mind’ is not all about theoretical information; it also includes lots of healthy recipes that supply the brain with the nutrients it needs This certainly is a refreshing guide that doesn’t dwell too much on mental illnesses, and instead opts to inform readers about how to improve mental health.”

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