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CT Fertility Makes Major Contributions to a New Gay Parenting Assistance Program and Adds Customized Options for LGBT Family Building

CT Fertility was the Platinum sponsor at the 9th annual Men Having Babies Conference in NYC and pledged significant support to a new program that provides grants, discounts and free services to gay prospective parents worldwide. Dr. Michael Doyle, the clinic’s medical director, also presented a range of unique egg donation options for gay male couples and spoke on an expert panel on parenting options for HIV positive men.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 31, 2013

The leading fertility center CT Fertility was recently the exclusive Platinum sponsor of a conference by Men Having Babies, an international nonprofit organization providing guidance and financial assistance for current and future gay surrogacy parents. The conference also marked the launch of the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) the first ever program to promote affordable surrogacy services for gay men. In addition to financial support, CT Fertility also donated several IVF and egg donation services that will be provided through GPAP to prospective gay parents who cannot afford the costs typically associated with surrogacy and egg donation.

About half of CT Fertility’s present and former IVF and egg donation / surrogacy clients are LGBT couples and singles. Dr. Michael Doyle, the clinic's founder and medical director for over 20 years, is also the resident expert on some of the most prominent community portals including Family Equality Council, Proud Parenting and the NYC LGBT Community Center. "We are proud to have been one of the first IVF clinics to welcome and proactively help gay men to become parents," said Dr. Doyle. In fact, during the years more than 500 babies have been born to LGBT parents who were successfully treated by Dr. Doyle at CT Fertility, a fact readily evidenced by the clinic’s extremely high popularity on several independent ratings and review tables.

The clinic’s international reputation for helping gay men become parents has even caused Dr. Doyle to be the target of repeated right-wing attacks in Paris during the marriage equality debate last spring. His attempts to meet prospective parents caused a media ruckus, a demonstration in front of his hotel, and an orchestrated email, phone and social media campaign against the clinic and hosting hotels.

CT Fertility has been supporting Men Having Babies since 2009, and was the organization’s lead supporter last year. ”Men Having Babies was thrilled to have had CT Fertility as the Platinum Sponsor for our 9th Annual Men Having Babies Surrogacy Seminar," said Anthony M. Brown, the Chairman of the Board of Men Having Babies. "Their continuing support of Men Having Babies and the Gay Parenting Assistance Program demonstrates their commitment to helping many more individuals and couples worldwide to realize their dream of having a family."

The 2013 NYC Men Having Babies conference took place on October 6th, 2013, at the JCC in Manhattan, which also co-sponsored the event. About two hundred parents, prospects and professionals enjoyed 11 hours of educational programs. Dr. Doyle spoke during the opening session of the conference, and later elaborated on the clinic’s unique options for LGBT prospective parents at several breakout sessions. "We know gay prospective parents, like their straight counterparts, are primarily looking for a clinic that will provide exceptional results, which we achieve by coordinating every aspect of the medical process, including the finding and pre-screening of highly qualified and immediately available local egg donors and surrogates", said Dr. Doyle. "But we also know gay men especially appreciate our wide range of treatment and egg donation options, including unique features that are important for male couple such as known egg donors, a guarantee number of donor eggs across all programs, unlimited IVF packages, progressive discounts for frozen embryo transfers, automatic access to back-up frozen eggs when needed, and a new 'freeze & hold' option."

The clinic’s “Freeze & Hold” option allows prospective parents to fertilize only some of the freshly retrieved eggs for immediate use and freeze the others to only be used if the initial set of embryos is not enough to achieve their goals. To many two-dad couples this option is uniquely important since it allows them to avoid ‘committing’ all the embryos to one biological father before they know how the first cycle turns out. They can now leave a portion of the eggs, for instance, to be fertilized in the future only with the sperm of the dad who did not father the first child. Recently some CT fertility gay clients who received eggs from a family relative decided to use the freezing option to also potentially help their donor preserve her fertility, using the clinic’s new “Donate & Preserve” option. “We like the idea as it helps to resolve one of our donor’s concerns which is that she is getting older and if we retrieve her eggs, she will have less for her future family. By setting aside some frozen eggs, we are giving her a reserve bank,” said one of the guys.

Dr. Doyle also spoke at the conference on a panel about surrogacy options for intended parents that are HIV positive, along side Dr. Ann Kiessling from the Bedford Research Foundation, that runs a program to safely and effectively test and store sperm from men infected with HIV. CT Fertility has already worked successfully with over 25 HIV positive dads who as a result have achieved their goal of healthy parenthood. At the panel Dr. Doyle described how the process of working with HIV positive prospective parents varies from typical journeys, and how all the parties are informed and consulted about their roles in the process.

About CT Fertility

Founded by Dr. Michael Doyle, CT Fertility specializes in Reproductive Medicine, Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Since 1991 CT Fertility has created over 5,000 babies for a diverse group of parents from around the world - including clients from over 30 countries, couples and singles, straight and gay, and spanning a wide range of ages. Based in Bridgeport, CT, and with offices in New York City, the clinic achieves exceptional results by coordinating every aspect of the medical process, all under one roof, including the finding and pre-screening of highly qualified and immediately available local egg donors and surrogates.

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