May 24th, 2016, Dr. Pamela Owens will release her new book, “Poisoned! What You Don’t Know About Heavy Metals Is Killing You.”, sharing how to identify and avoid everyday dangers of environmental toxicity and heavy metal poisoning.

Ocean Isle Beach, NC (PRWEB) May 10, 2016

On May 24th, 2016, Dr. Pamela Owens will release her new book, “Poisoned! What You Don’t Know About Heavy Metals Is Killing You.”, where she shares how to identify and avoid everyday dangers of environmental toxicity and heavy metal poisoning.

Speaking of the book, many well known physicians have shared their enthusiasm for the release. Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, an avid author of numerous books and well known physician involved in spreading awareness and treatment of environmental toxicity shared, “Whether you are the person who is stuck and can’t get well, or the person who is well but never wants to get sick, I wholeheartedly recommend this stellar education as a hidden cause of chronic disease that is not only preventable, but correctable.”

With over 27 years of experience, Dr. Owens has seen the dangers of heavy metal toxicity in her day-to-day practice as a Functional Medicine expert in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. She has a deep passion for helping people and uncovering the root of their pain. As she shares in her book, “None of us are exempt from the slow but cumulative deteriorating changes in health that result from being exposed to heavy metals year after year [ . . .] Many of us are told that our health problems are the result of normal disease process or just come with old age, or genetics – the list of possible misdiagnoses goes on and on. What many are not aware of are the invisible dangers that exist in our everyday lives.”

Speaking of the book, Dr. Roy Heilbron, a renowned Cardiologist and researcher shares, “Dr. Owens’ book is a breakthrough encapsulation of a modern day epidemic. Dr. Heilbron’s knowledge in the industry is well known as the TACT Research Team lead who conducted a $31 million National Institute of Health, double blind chelation trial was a direct result of detoxification of heavy metals, especially lead.

Being aware that heavy metals may play a role in fatigue, chronic illness and pain, many seek Dr. Owens’ assistance. As a Functional Medicine expert, she has helped numerous patients find health and a pain free lifestyle again.
After 27 years of experience, Dr. Pamela Owens is looking forward to the launch of her new book as a guide for many of the patients she sees on a day to basis at her practice in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina stating that, “Most of my patients have been to a minimum of 6 doctors with no answers and no options only to find the simple process of detoxification is the answer they have been searching to find.

What is Functional Medicine and what does this have to do with Heavy metal toxicity? Functional Medicine takes a step beyond traditional Western healthcare, with a broader view of diagnosing and treating health imbalances and chronic disease. Healthcare practitioners, such as Dr. Pamela Owens, are trained to analyze the root cause of illness by analyzing patient history, symptoms, lab results, with consideration of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Dr. Owens reviews all these factors to determine the diagnosis. Once the analysis is complete, Dr. Owens designs a specific wellness program for her patient. "Everyone is unique and their health must be assessed accordingly."

Dr. Pamela Owens offers free consultations to newcomers in an effort to facilitate understanding of Functional Medicine and her unique approach to healing. Please contact her office for more information.
About Dr. Pamela J. Owens

Dr. Pamela Owens, DC, FIAMA, ND and CFMP, is not only a successful Chiropractic Physician, but also one of America’s Foremost Toxic Metal Experts. She tests hundreds of people every year for toxic heavy metals and has been very successful in helping improve their quality of life. She also has extensive training in Naturopathic Medicine & Acupuncture, utilizing nutrition, vitamin supplements, environmental toxicity testing, and awareness--as well as personal consultations. She encourages lifestyle changes to promote healthy living and as Anthony Robbins would say: she “walks the talk.” Dr. Owens is well respected in her community and often voted the best alternative physician. She was recently featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC news for her achievements.

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Dr. Owens graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1989 and went into private practice in St. Louis, MO. After many years, she returned home to North Carolina and continues to practice. Her expertise has expanded to include board certification in Acupuncture through

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