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Exert Co. Proclaims: Make 2014 the Coolest Year Yet

Exert Co. releases Exert Smart Body Coolant, a spray that activates when skin temperature rises, cooling the body by 2-6 degrees.

(PRWEB) December 30, 2013

2014 is right around the corner and now is the time to make goals and set expectations for the year ahead. For millions of women, this is finally the time to remain cool under the torment of menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. Make the New Year’s resolution for 2014 to be the coolest year yet. Exert Smart Body Coolant can help make that resolution become a reality.

Exert utilizes a proactive approach to full-body cooling. Once sprayed on the body, Exert activates only when there is a skin temperature spike. It doesn’t feel cold when applied but instead works by drawing heat away from the body only when the body needs it. Arvind Rao, Chief Innovation Officer of Exert Co., explains the technology of Exert by noting that, “almost instantly after skin temperature increases, Exert goes to work and reduces skin temperature by up to six degrees.” Once the skin temperature drops to normal, Exert recharges and is ready to cool again without the need to reapply.

This announcement was welcomed news to approximately 27 million women in the U.S. who have hot flashes or experience night sweats. For the new menopausal women of 2014, it does not have to be the hot and cold, up and down, roller coaster. CEO of Exert Co., Christopher Joyce, explains it simply, “Exert was created for one help people,” and help people it does.

The technology behind Exert is supported by a study published in the Annals New York Academy of Sciences. Women were tested in cold climates and hot climates when experiencing a hot flash. The duration and severity of the hot flash was then measured. Kronenberg and Barnard found that women who experienced a hot flash in a colder climate felt it less than half the time of a woman in a hotter climate. Exert acts as a portable, cooling, micro-climate for the skin.

Exert Smart Body Coolant is the culmination of more than three years of development, research, and testing by Exert Co., which was founded by Christopher Joyce and Arvind Rao.

If the possibility of hot flashes or night sweats in the dead of winter loom in the near future, Exert promises to help make 2014 cool and dry.

A 4 to 6 week supply of Exert Smart Body Coolant retails for $30. To learn more about Exert Smart Body Coolant, visit or call 877-929-9922.

About Exert Smart Body Coolant

Exert Smart Body Coolant is a once a day body spray that activates only when skin temperature spikes. Exert cools the body by up to 6 degrees. Whether it’s menopause, hot flashes, stress, medication, anxiety environment, excessive sweating, or physical exertion, Exert Smart Body Coolant helps regulate skin temperature. To learn more, visit

About Exert Co.

Exert Co. is a Wilmington, DE based company that makes smart, functional, consumer products that solve “big market” problems in completely new ways.

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