Automat is a free web-based application for foodservice professionals, data focused professionals and anyone curious about foodservice analytics to create dynamic presentation ready analytics reports.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 12, 2015

Food Genius, the leading foodservice data provider specializing in gathering, preparing, and serving granular foodservice menu data and analytics, has announced the launch of Automat, a new app that’s a real-time dynamic presentation builder for analyzing, studying, and simplifying large data sets.

Food Genius has created this new service for anyone in the food industry to immediately generate a set of insights and analytics in presentation slide format, ready to present, in a matter of seconds versus hours or days. This is the easiest way for anyone regardless of technical or data analysis background, area of focus, or experience, to create a professional, polished, insightful presentation of menu data for an array of purposes.

Over the last five years, Food Genius has learned a great deal about what foodservice operators and manufacturers need when it comes to presentations. This tool represents a step forward for the food industry, giving professionals another tool to be more self-sufficient in their use of data and analytics. And to make this tool widely accessible, Food Genius is releasing Automat free of charge in order to give all types of audiences direct access to previously inaccessible data: it’s tailored to foodservice professionals, data geeks, and even those who have never encountered food data before.

Eli Rosenberg, VP of Marketing for Food Genius says, "We're trying to do more showcasing of our technology with this new experimental application. We're showcasing three core competencies, expertise in crunching data, ability to create analytical presentations, and a dead-simple user interface. Anyone in the food industry can quickly go from a question to a finished presentation in a matter of minutes with this tool. It speaks for itself, so go try it out and see what I mean."

In Automat, users can choose what dishes and topics are important to them, either by geographic area or type of food. They then pull from a large data set (a database of over 60 million menu items, from over 93,000 menus, from about 360,000 national restaurant locations) and a presentation is created for them in an instant. Users can create an unlimited number of presentations and save them for download at any time.

Automat is just one example of how Food Genius can put data to work. Food Genius believes in democratizing data, which is why they’re providing another free service. They have created a robust taxonomy (a very detailed classification hierarchy) of food terms that’s the most granular taxonomy in the food industry. This large data set, combined with their expertly built technology allows Food Genius to hone their speciality — taking large, unstructured, and seemingly disparate datasets and making easy sense of them.

For more information about Food Genius and this new offer, please contact Eli Rosenberg, eli(at)getfoodgenius(dot)com or at (312) 229-0168. Ongoing insights from the Food Genius team will be published on the Food Genius blog

About Food Genius                                                
Food Genius is a leading foodservice data provider specializing in gathering, preparing, and serving granular foodservice menu data and analytics. We support foodservice manufacturers, restaurants, and distributors with straightforward and digestible reports, services, and analytics. Our products are being used to answer many complex foodservice business questions.

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Food Genius serves nationally recognized companies and brands, including Coca-Cola, Arby’s, and US Foods. As an industry leader in foodservice data and analytics, Food Genius is on a mission to provide foodservice manufacturers, restaurants, and distributors with the data analytics they need to make smarter, more informed decisions. Contact Food Genius at

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