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Garmin 620 Improves Running Technique Says HRWC

Garmin 620 is a running watch that can improve running technique through biomechanics according to the Heart Rate Watch Company.

Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) December 15, 2013

Garmin 620 does everything any GPS running watch should do and adds measurements that help adjust technique for greater efficiency, says the Heart Rate Watch Company.

Biomechanics with Biometrics

"Every other GPS watch on the market simply delivers biometrics like pace, heart rate and distance," says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. He adds, "They do nothing to allow you to measure things like vertical bounce or ground contact time."

How to Use Biomechanical Data

"If your run stride has too much vertical bounce you need to lean forward and land more mid-foot with your stride," says Squire. He adds, "You'll get real-time feedback from the watch as you make these adjustments in form and can then incorporate these changes into your stride to increase efficiency."

"No other running watch can do this, not one, only the Garmin Forerunner 620." says Squire. He adds, "To lower your ground contact time try increasing your turnover and stride count per minute."

"You can actually use this information and work on technique changes with feedback in real-time," says Squire. He adds, "There has never been this type of feedback available in real-time for runners ever before, it truly is a breakthrough in running feedback."

"I was a 32 minute 10K runner in my prime and I can see where this would have been very useful feedback and even more so if you are not an elite runner," says Squire.

Bluetooth, WiFi and Super Fast GPS

The Forerunner 620 has both Wifi and Bluetooth Smart meaning it can wirelessly transfer data to your iPhone or a PC. "The new GPS chip sets are awesome because you acquire satellites in just seconds thanks to localized satellite memory", says Squire. He adds, "It makes previous generations seem like dinosaurs."

Get Your Garmin 620

"You can get a Garmin 620 for a great deal with all the latest technology by calling the Heart Rate Watch Company at 866-586-7129," says Squire. He adds, "We use the products we sell and know them far better than our competitors so you get great products, at a great price, with better service."

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