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HD Frequency Launches New Line of Cable Cutter Premium Digital Over-the-Air Antennas

HD Frequency has announced the launch of its new Cable Cutter line of premium, digital over-the-air antennas, engineered to optimize the reception of free UHF and VHF digital television broadcasts.

New York (PRWEB) November 25, 2013

HD Frequency Founder Josh McDonnell announced the launch of the company’s new line of premium digital antennas that receive more channels, better reception, and enhanced durability for a longer product life than many leading television antennas on the market today. The Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini feature an optimized design to provide digital, over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts for consumers who are looking for an affordable alternative to costly cable or satellite television subscriptions.

Television antennas have been iconic to the American household landscape since the 1950s, and for more than 60 years engineers have been putting out new versions, each generation presumably better than the last. Things changed in 2009, when the FCC mandated a shift to digital broadcast from the old analog signal broadcasts. Only a few manufacturers have redesigned and truly optimized antennas for this new digital HD broadcast. According to McDonnell, in today’s competitive digital antenna market consumers are quick to ask, "What makes the Cable Cutter special?"

McDonnell, a self-proclaimed "extreme gadget guy" and IT professional with a master’s degree in Information Technology, developed the Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini with a team of highly specialized radio frequency engineers, including a retired NASA rocket scientist and PhD physicist. Together the group of experts designed a pair of premium antennae that routinely out-perform many of the leading antennas on the market today.

"In the years before cable, satellite, and streaming television became the norm for consumers willing to pay upwards of $140 per month for programming, the antenna was the only way to watch television," McDonnell says. "Since the 1980s, demand for cable has grown exponentially, and most Americans (89 percent) now have some form of paid television subscription."

According to McDonnell, after the FCC mandated the analog to digital television broadcasting switch—which meant all television viewers were able to pick up high definition (HD 1080) digital television—more and more people began ditching their cable and opting for digital antennas to get the best possible HD signal and save an average of $100 monthly. Now the challenge is on to offer truly optimized antennas for digital UHF/VHF broadcasts; McDonnell cut his cable cord in 2010, and after buying seven different antennas trying to find "the one," he gave up when channels kept fading in and out, and embarked on designing a premium antenna to achieve the best possible digital reception.

"In order for cable companies to offer 30-plus channels in high definition (HD), they have to compress the signals quite a bit to get them squeezed through the same pipe to reach your television," McDonnell says. "The irony is that this free OTA television, when paired with a Cable Cutter antenna, yields far better picture quality than the cable or satellite service you’re paying for, and it’s visibly noticeable on larger television sets!

"That’s because OTA television broadcasts are not compressed nearly as much, so you get the true, high-fidelity, digital signal that which translates to a better picture."

The Cable Cutter line of premium digital antennas is the antenna McDonnell had searched for in vain before deciding to develop one himself. McDonnell is proud to say these antennas are manufactured in the USA, which he says enhances the quality of the signal. Currently retailing at $99 for the Cable Cutter, and $49 for the Cable Cutter Mini, McDonnell and his team spent 18 months to develop these premium indoor/outdoor antennas to achieve the best digital HD programming possible.

To learn more about the Cable Cutter and Cable Cutter Mini premium digital OTA antennas, visit the HD Frequency website, email info(at)hdfrequency(dot)com or call 617.308.0434.

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