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Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Gives Tips About Potential Bacterial Infiltration of Home Plumbing Can Be Eliminated with Water Softening System

Dangers to family health makes cost necessary, says Hub Plumbing and Mechanical Service.

NYC, New York (PRWEB) December 24, 2013

Hub Plumbing and Mechanical Services, a West Village-based provider of expert plumbing and heating service to the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens’s communities for 15 years, is advising home owners in Metro-New York region that university study should raise concerns for family health.

According to Hub Plumbing and Mechanical Services, home plumbing systems can become a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria such as Legionella, the cause of Legionnaire’s Disease, due to the build-up of hard water scale overtime. While the threat to newer plumbing systems is almost non-existent, established plumbing that has been dealing with hard water for much of its life will develop scale from the hard water. While the initial inner surface of piping materials such as copper and PVC are smooth and do not promote bacteria formation and growth, untreated water or hard water can flowing through the system will leave the troublesome scale that provides such bacteria with a home.

The only way to remove the scaling is through the use of a professionally installed, traditional water softening system which utilizes a resin filter to trap the calcium and magnesium in hard water. These minerals along with the presence of iron, magnesium and radium ions are replaced with sodium ions. Unfortunately, many of the less expensive, alternative water conditioners to not completely remove these harmful hard minerals. The team at Hub Plumbing and Mechanical Services are extremely knowledgeable in this area and can not only offer consultation and installation of water softening systems but can also provide ongoing service for the water softening unit as well as the whole plumbing system.

Established in 1999, Hub Plumbing and Mechanical serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with expert plumbing and heating service including Boiler Division violation removal, inspections, signoffs, permits, remodels, pipe repairs, and boilers. Our top-notch plumbers were hand-picked and trained in-house to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction available. Hub Plumbing & Mechanical is also available to consult with Professional Engineers and registered architects to determine the most advantageous process to getting the job done. Founder and CEO John Wood is a New York City Master Plumber (Lic. ⌅) and New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Specialist (Cert. ဈ6). Having been in the trade his whole life, John takes a direct, ‘hands-on’ approach to his work and his crew, with customer satisfaction and professionalism at the forefront at all times. For more information visit our website at or by phone at 917-634-8888.

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