Solstice West and Solstice East support World Mental Health Day by offering mental health advice to parents of struggling teens

Asheville, NC (PRWEB) October 09, 2015

Solstice West and Solstice East, residential treatment centers for teen girls ages 14-18, offer support for World Mental Health Day. This year, the World Mental Health Day theme is Dignity in Mental Health. Solstice programs believe treating individuals undergoing mental health struggles with the utmost respect and dignity is crucial for the success of their healing process.

Mental health struggles are widespread. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, twenty percent of young people ages 13-18 in the United States have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Additionally, one in four adults is currently struggling with mental health issues.

To promote Mental Health awareness, Solstice West and Solstice East believe individuals should:

-Participate in activities that promote happiness. Setting time aside to do enjoyable activities can rapidly improve mood.
-Get rid of bad habits. Removing negative activities, like smoking and drinking, can greatly reduce stress and improve physical and emotional health.
-Develop strong, trusting relationships. Associating with people who can have a positive impact on an individual?s overall wellbeing is crucial to staying mentally healthy.
-Keep their bodies healthy. Healthy minds come from healthy bodies. Exercise as much as possible, maintain a healthy diet, and take time to rest.
-Set life goals for themselves. Working towards a specific life goal by creating smaller goals along the way can give an individual direction.
-Get help when they need it. It?s important to recognize when it?s time to get help. Getting help can be going to see a professional or simply talking to family and friends about needing help for mental health struggles.

?At both Solstice programs, we believe positive mental health comes from treating the individual as a whole, not just a specific ?problem area?,? says Dan Hadley MS, LMFT, Director of Clinical Services at Solstice East. ?Throughout my years working in the mental health industry, I have seen mental health awareness increase substantially. The stigma attached to mental health has faded slightly, but we still have a long way to go.?

Over the years, Solstice West and Solstice East have helped hundreds of girls by treating trauma, loss, attachment, and the often-accompanying patterns of addictive thought and behavior.

?For girls working through mental health struggles, the journey towards healing can be a long and arduous one,? says Dan Stuart MS, LMFT, Executive Director and Founder of Solstice West. ?At Solstice, we understand it?s a step by step process that involves facing personal doubts, insecurities, and fears. We help guide our students through this journey, helping them work through these challenges.?

For more information about how the Solstice programs can help your daughter heal, please call 801-444-0794 for Solstice West and 828-484-9946 for Solstice East.

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Solstice West and Solstice East are residential treatment centers that have helped hundreds of struggling teens on their journey to solving issues like depression, anxiety, mood disorders, trauma and associated symptoms, drug abuse/addiction, and behavioral problems. Solstice West in Utah and Solstice East in North Carolina offer specialized, clinically intensive programs based on the specific needs of young women. At Solstice West and Solstice East, young women discover their full potential. For additional information on Solstice West, please call 801-444-0794. For additional information on Solstice East, please call 828-484-9946.

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